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Canadian Cardiovascular Society Consensus Conference guidelines on heart failure update 2009: Diagnosis and management of right-sided heart failure, myocarditis, device therapy and recent important clinical trials., Howlett JG; McKelvie RS; Arnold JMO; Costigan J; Dorian P; Ducharme A; Estrella-Holder E; Ezekowitz JA; Giannetti N; Haddad H; Heckman GA; Herd AM; Isaac D; Jong P; Kouz S; Liu P; Mann E; Moe GW; Tsuyuki RT; Ross HJ; White M , Can J Cardiol. 2009;25(2):85-105, (2009)
Canadian Cardiovascular Society Consensus Conference recommendations on heart failure update 2007: Prevention, management during intercurrent illness or acute decompensation, and use of biomarkers, Arnold, JMO; Howlett, JG; Dorian, P; Ducharme, A; Giannetti, N; Haddad, H; Heckman, GA; Ignaszewski, A; Isaac,D; Jong,P; Liu,P, Mann, E; McKelvie, RS; Moe,GW; Parker,JD; Svendsen, AM; Tsuyuki,T; O'Halloran,K; Ross, HJ; Rao,V; Sequera, EJ; White,M; , Can J Cardiol, Volume 23, Issue 1, p.21-45, (2007)
Canadian Cardiovascular Society consensus conference recommendations on heart failure 2006: Diagnosis and Management, Arnold, JMO.; Liu, P; Demers, P; Dorian, P; Gianetti, N; Haddad, H; Howlett, J; Ignazewski; A., Johnston, D; Jong, P; McKelvies; RS; Moe, GW; Parker, JD; Ross, HJ; Sequeira, EJ; Svendsen, AM; Teo, K; Tsuyuki, RT; White, M. , Can J Cardiol, 2006, Volume 22, Issue 1, p.23-45, (2006)
The 2002/3 Canadian Cardiovascular Society consensus guideline update for the diagnosis and management of heart failure, P Liu; JM Arnold; I Belenkie; C Demers; P Dorian; N Gianetti; H Haddad, J Howlett, A Ignazewski; P Jong; R McKelvie; G Moe; JD Parker; V Rao; JL Rouleau; K Teo; R Tsuyuki; M White; V Huckel; D Issac; D Johnstone; M-H LeBlanc; H Lee; G Newton; et al. , Can J Cardiol, 2003, Volume 19, Issue 4, p.347-356, (2003)