2008 CHFN AGM Awards & Pictures

Awards are given based on certain criteria we extract from the CHFN data. This year it is aspects of completeness of data in the following fields: medications; patient history; patient examination. The data collected for the awards were from 2007 & 2008 and we ranked them by percentages as to complete data.

We decided to group the sites into 3 categories:
1) entering data since the beginning (1999). This was awared to Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, ON, Dr. Peter Liu and Shanas Mohamed (1st picture attached-Malcolm Arnold, Shanas Mohamed and Peter Liu)
2) entering data for approximately 5 years. This was awared to New Brunswick Heart Centre, St. John, NB, Dr. David Bewick, Caroline Jennings, Rhonda Locsin, Jane Boyd-Aucoin, Cleo Cyr and Ashley White (2nd picture attached). They were not in attendance at the AGM so the award was couriered to them .
3) entering data over the last 2 years though the data for the award was collected from 2008 only. This was awarded to Bathurst Chaleur Regional Hospital, Bathurst, NB, Dr. Djilali Hanzal, Anne Jennings (3rd picture attached), Dr. Faryala Shabani, and Nancy Ellis. They were not in attendance at the AGM so the award was couriered to them.

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