About CHFN

Managing Heart Failure in the Clinic Setting

Heart failure presents an increasing clinical burden to both patients and physicians. Changes in clinical practice frequently lag behind advances in treatment described in large clinical trials. The Canadian Heart Failure Network (CHFN ) was established in January 1999 in 11 initial centres across Canada to improve the current management of heart failure (HF), to implement new proven therapies in a timely manner, and to collaborate in innovative research approaches to optimize patient management.

Since its conception, the network has demonstrated its feasibility and enormous potential to link provincial centres of HF excellence into a cohesive multidisciplinary group consisting of physicians, nurses, and other health professionals who are dedicated to advance the knowledge and treatment of this disease syndrome.

CHFN has received strong support of its goals from the CIHR Opportunity Fund group ("Towards Quelling the Heart Failure Epidemic") and the HSFC National Heart Failure Task Force, both of which are complementary to the Network but the Network provides a necessary, immediate, and practical outlet to implement and apply to patients many of the ideas generated within these groups.

Although its initiation phase was limited primarily to clinics associated with academic health science centres, because of the wide interest generated, the network is in the stage of rapid expansion to incorporate more centres across the country including community HF clinics and outreach initiatives.

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